Will we ever travel again?

I won’t lie, I miss discussing safaris with my clients every day, working on itineraries, finding the right lodge or camp and the experiences that will leave them in awe. I used some of my down time to create an Africa & Wildlife activity pack for children, to help busy parents finding various form of entertainment for them while being educational. I was overwhelmed by the response as I receive no less than 100 requests from parents and made over 120 personalised certificates for each child! Requests are still coming through, so if you are interested, please email mewith the name of your child(ren) and I will send you a free activity pack too.

Like all travel agents, I am spending most of my time helping clients to rebook or obtain a refund for their recent and upcoming holidays. I am very much hoping that all departures to safari destinations this summer will be possible, and when it comes to new bookings, I would suggest to look at departures from September onwards. 
In fact, this…

The inevitable travel subject: Coronavirus

It’s official, the coronavirus, called COVID-19, is a pandemic. There is no hiding and no doubt that the virus us spreading quickly, the situation is unprecedented. There is also no denial that a lot of measures are being taken to avoid the virus spreading further. 

In the travel industry, we all know that it will get worse before it gets better.  I believe that with all the measures being taken at the moment, we are nearly reaching the ‘worst’ and it will indeed get better in a few months.
This blog post is addressed to those who want to travel this year, but wonder when it could be reasonable to do so and what the travel policies are. It is not my place to try and change your mind about travelling, though you might still be interested in reading this post either way…
I will attempt to provide some factual information firstly, and secondly give an insight on the travel situation for us all. Indeed, I am as affected as you are, as I am due to travel to South Africa in 2 days. Will I or wil…

9 romantic African destinations for you two 💕

This month blog published on Valentine’s day can only be about romance. I cannot imagine a more romantic place than Africa to be shared and experienced with your love one.  Just google 'romantic African safaris' and a long list of itineraries will be displayed before your eyes. The truth is that any African safaris can be romantic, it is a matter of choosing the right lodges, experiences and make sure you have privacy, all of which can be organised by your favourite personal travel agent: me! 
Whether it is a romantic holiday, a proposal, your wedding or honeymoon, you are sure to create some the most magical memories of your couple life.
I feel that the best way to show what you could be experiencing is to let you imagine the two of you in those breathtaking lodges and places that I selected, soaking up the beauty that nature puts on show, just for you two 💖.
Click on the link below the photos to read and see more, as a few photos never give justice to what it is truly like. Co…

4 itinerary ideas for your next African holiday

If it is at all possible, I think I am loving my job more every day. If going to Africa is on your bucket list but you aren’t sure where to go yet, I thought that I would give you some inspiration with trips I am currently organising for clients. 4 itinerary ideas and 3 less common but exciting countries (for me) to consider!
They do not cover the only destinations I can help you with, but these are just recent and ongoing ones.

Always a favourite and understandably so! The wildlife and scenery are both absolutely incredible! The classic ‘Northern circuit’ is a real godsent for the country as you can visit no less than 4 different parks within reasonable driving distance. Namely: Lake Manyara, famous for its tree climbing lions but generally a beautiful small park with thousands of pink flamingoes dotting the lake, Tarangire National Park, famous for its big herds of elephants but also beautiful landscape, the Ngorongoro crater home to the rare and endangered black rhinos but al…